Web Design &
User Experience Design

The heart of any project

A lot goes into creating a great website design. Considering the users you are trying to service, the business requirements of your organisation, special user requirements (such as enhanced accessibility) and much more.

We research the goals you need to meet both as users and as an organisation and find the sweet spot that makes your users happy and you more profitable.

When we start working with your we’ll consider all these important aspects of creating a fantastic web design:

  • Information architecture
  • User experience
  • Visual design
  • Responsive design
  • Usability research and design
  • Stakeholder and User Testing

For more on these aspects of design – keep reading or for us to show you how we work and how we can help you, contact us now.

Let us show you what we have done

Information architecture

Information architecture is the practice of structuring your content and services in a way that is easy to understand, easy to navigate and easy to maintain.

We consider all your current content, after investigating all the missing elements of your website before creating an easy to navigate, well structured website plan.

User Experience Design (UX)

The most important person in considering web design is not the Owner, CEO or marketing department of an organisation – it is the website users. We focus the user experience design around the tasks users need to do, and a happy user is the goal – they are the ones that you convert to customers.

  • User Experience planning with client goals.

Visual Design

A beautiful website is still the end goal. We can make sure that the site we design looks fantastic on all devices and users get the feeling that you are trying to convey, be it relaxed or keen – design can evoke subtle (and not so subtle emotions) and we understand how visual design can make a difference to users and organisations.

  • Visual Design in Photoshop or Sketch.

Responsive Design

Most people have a smartphone or a tablet nowadays and they are being used to browse and search the Internet more and more. Designing your website to be responsive from the start is essential. We consider every device that might be used to browse your site, from iPhones to Andriod tablets to Smart TVs and games consoles in our web design and development.

Usability research and design

To make sure that your site is meeting its goals we can do the initial research tasks that you may not even know you need. Finding out what users are already doing, what users are struggling to do and what users don’t even know they need are the goals here and easily documented for use in our design process and for you to keep for your future planning.